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Sexy Beast Dog Collars - high quality collars worn by our dogs
Best Dog Beds- quality, comfortable bedding for your dog
Nature's Farmacy - holistic wellness products and supplements
Springtime Supplements - all natural supplements 
Chewy - online source for purchasing a wide range of dog food at good prices

Note: Maijani Ridgebacks receives no compensation or other consideration for recommending these companies, and we provide no warranty or guarantee. We just love this stuff and wanted to spread the word! 

Responsible Ridgeback Breeders

We recommend only breeders who adhere to the RRCUS Code of Ethics. If you are looking for a quality Rhodesian Ridgeback, the RRCUS Breeder's Directory is a great place to search. Below are links to websites of responsible, supportive breeders that we have bred with or worked with, and who share our philosophy:

Calico Ridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks (California)
Dimond Rhodesian Ridgebacks (New Jersey)
Regal Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Pennsylvania)
RedSkyes Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Colorado)
Mazel Tov Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Colorado)
CopperRidge Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Arizona)
Spring Valley Rhodesian Ridgebacks (New Jersey, site currently unavailable)

Canine Health Information

You've heard the warning "don't believe everything you read", and this is especially true for health-related information for our pets that can found on the web. The internet is an amazing resource when you're looking for information about a specific disease or condition, but unfortunatly the web is full of sites with information based on personal opinion, untested theories, and downright dangerous "recommendations" that can actually harm our animals instead of helping them. When you're searching the web for health information, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Where did this information come from?
  • How current is this information?
  • Who is responsible for the content on the website?
Health related websites published by the US Government (.gov), nonprofit organizations (.org) or colleges or universities (.edu) are often the most reliable sites because they are not supported by for-profit companies or individuals with personal opinions and experience but little or no formal medical training to back up their information. Studies found in veterinary journals have met strict scientific standards and passed peer-review in order to be published, therefore it's wiser to rely on published research vs. the views on individual websites. While research on the web can be helpful in understanding illness and health conditions of our pets, whenever you have a concern about a specific health issue with your pet, it's ALWAYS best to consult your vet about the individual symptoms you're seeing with your individual pet. 

With this in mind, Maijani works closely with Dr. Robin Downing at the Windsor Vet Clinic and Downing Center for Pain Managment for the comprehensive care of our dogs. In consultation with Dr. Downing, below are some resources considered reliable with quality, updated content.

The Windsor Veterinary Clinic Pet Health Resources 
The Downing Center for Animal Pain Management
Veterinary Partner
American Animal Hospital Association 
Pets WebMD
International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management