No, your eyes aren't deceiving you! Memphis is a purebred Black and Tan Ridgeback, and also happens to have a perfect ridge. This color pattern is considered rare in the breed and estimates are that only 1 puppy in every 400  born has black and tan coloring, which is a variant of the agouti gene that produces the wheaten coat color of most Ridgebacks.

Born on November 20, 2007, Memphis was a unique puppy and not just because of his color. In the puppy box, he was a happy, outgoing, rambunctious little tyke and although we had agreed that we didn't need any more dogs, we just knew he had to come to live with us. We had seen our first black and tan Ridgeback a couple of years ago up at Spring Valley farm in NJ when Marie Cotton allowed us to snuggle with a lovely black and tan girl who already had her forever home, but we knew that someday we would have one of these striking dogs of our own.

Memphis was born at the home of Nicole Severino in Marlton NJ. Nicole owns Bella and Carson, Memphis' parents.You can only imagine Nicoles' and our surprise as the first two of eleven puppies born were black and tan! Although puppies can be born with dark blackish fur, that coloring normally "cleans up" and becomes red wheaten. It was clear from the start that these two pups were not going to change color. As the puppies grew and we learned about Memphis' personality, we knew he would be a great fit with the Maijani pack.

As we had hoped, Memphis has been a fantastic addition to our house. He is just over a year old but still has the brain of a 3 month old and he constantly makes us laugh. Except that at 90 pounds, he really is too big to be the lap dog he wants to be! Sometimes Memphis accompanies us to Ridgeback events and this stunning dog never fails to draw a crowd. Although the Official Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Standard does not disqualify the coloring of black and tan, Memphis will not be a show dog nor will he be bred as the coloring is not considered correct for the breed. Instead, he started his lure coursing career last December in style going Best of Breed his first time in competition. We may try other things with him such as hunting trials and obedience, but for now we just love having him in our house.