Garnet came to live with us in August of 2003. At the time, we didn't know it would be a permanent arrangement. We had just lost our second ridgeback, and older boy we had adopted named Duke, very suddenly and we were heartbroken. Our breeder, Sandie Gordon, asked us if we were ready for another dog and if so di we want a boy or girl, to which we replied "yes, but we aren't sure we want a puppy right now and if we get another one, it would need to be a girl like Garnet". As Garnet's owner, Sandie laughed pretty hard at that and told us we didn't know what we were asking for, but since she was going to be travelling she offered to let us babysit Garnet while she was out of town. Well, one thing led to another and at the age of almost 2 years old, Sandie agreed that Garnet could stay with us forever.

We quickly learned that Garnet had earned her nickname of "Darnit Garnet" honestly. We thought she'd be "just fine" being left in the house while we ran errands... boy were we wrong....we came home to shredded pillows and chewed up shoes! She hated being left in the car too, and after the door panels of our new SUV were shredded we quickly learned to keep her crated in the car. After a couple of months, she started to settle into our routine and we quickly grew to love her even though "DARNIT" was used quite frequently in the house!

As she turned two and started to settle down in her new home, we decided it was time to work on her show career. Sandie had put a couple CH points on her, but she was nowhere near her title. So we sent her out with our wonderful handlers and in two short months she had finished her AKC Champion conformation title in style, winning Best of Opposite from the classes over nationally ranked champions multiple times. Her first weekend out as a Champion she won Best of Breed in a large entry, and with this success we decided to show heras a champion, but selectively. She did quite well in tough competition but after getting an infection and having to be out of the ring for a while, we decided that we preferred to have her home with us instead of out campagining. She also loved to lure course, so we started working towards her ASFA and AKC titles. As of today, she has earned enough points to be an ASFA FCh, but she needs an elusive placement to complete the ASFA title requirements.  

In the winter of 2005, we moved from Philadelphia to Denver, Colorado. Our agreement with Sandie was that we would co-breed a litter. Because we didn't want to send her back east, we decided to have the litter in our house in Colorado. So much for only wanting a pet.... But Sandie flew out to deliver the litter and on July 20, 2005 Garnet's first litter of 7 beautiful puppes were born and she was a wonderful mother. Her second litter of 2 puppies was born on Christmas Day 2006 and this was the first litter bred under our newly founded kennel, "Maijani". We have been blessed to have been entrusted with such a high-quality girl as our foundation and to follow in the tradition of Spring Valley, Dimond, and Regal Ridgebacks. Since she is now just over 7 years old, Garnet will not have any more litters. Her babies, Halle and Diego, and grandbaby Memphis live with us and she makes sure they all understand that she is still very much in charge!